Imagine viewing autism
from a new perspective

See the benefits of the autistic brain,
while gaining new insights of how the body influences the mind,
to harmonize the body, gain mental clarity and a calm baseline.

Polyvagal theory & autism

Central to A.R.T is the crucial role of the vagus nerve in helping people perceive a restful body state to regulate their flight/fight response.

Brain plasticity & autism

Of equal importance is the evidence that we each are able to build emotional resilience, grow and gain practical skills, at any age.

Body Cognition

Learn to develop innovative ways to personally bring peace to your mind and body, that are not mindfulness or breathing techniques.

Exciting new approaches to autism therapy.

Reframe your thinking around autism.

So much of traditional autism therapy is devoted to removing variances and aligning with the typical. What if this is a false benchmark against which we judge those on the autism spectrum? Reframing autism is about celebrating diversity. It is tapping into the innate intelligence, brilliance and creativity of enhanced perception and then helping autistic people to make the most of their gifts. Diversity is the essence of brilliance and when we stifle it, in a neurotypical mould, it is the world’s loss. We need to adapt and create new, more appropriate and innovative ways to support this way of being. This video, along with Holly's work in the US and Australia were seminal in the development of A.R.T. (Autism Reframe Technique™).

About Reframing Autism

Nic, Graphic Designer

"My personality and who I am is still very much there, it's just without those things that were hindering my abilities and my confidence"

Danny Raede, CEO

"I’m able to process a lot more stuff, things just don’t bother me as much. I found it to be profoundly life-changing"

Jodie, Mother of Max (5)

"After the second session he went out into the front yard and started kicking the ball around"

Michael, gold prospector

"One thing I will absolutely say is I am glad I came here; it certainly was an experience and I will treasure it"

About Our Services


Face to face and/or Skype sessions, 1:1 or accompanied by a parent or supporter, to build people's strengths and individual style.


Three day mini-intensives and seven day intensives, in Perth (Australia) or by arrangement at a mutually convenient location.


Public and within-organisation one day and two day seminars & workshops, with optional third day advanced or practitioner sessions.


Structured training programs, internationally accredited for continuing education (CPD), for therapists & workplaces.

Reframe your thinking around autism: How the polyvagal theory and brain plasticity help us make sense of autism, by . Book and E-book, 104 pages, 1st edition, 2015. ISBN:978-1-84905-672-4.

Services & Media Enquiries

Holly Bridges is an author, teacher and mentor.
She provides consultations and workshops via Skype
and face to face in Australia, the USA and UK.