Imagine viewing autism
from a new perspective

...from "what's wrong" to "how to grow and thrive".
Gaining new insights of how the body influences the mind.
To harmonize the body with the senses, and clear the mind.

Polyvagal theory & autism

Central to A.R.T is the crucial role of the vagal nerve in helping people perceive, regulate and manage body sensations that are often debilitating.

Brain plasticity & autism

Of equal importance is the evidence that we each have the capacity build emotional resilience, grow and gain practical skills, at any age.

Body Cognition™

Feeling ‘centered’ in mind and body is a challenge for everyone, and people on the spectrum are no different – they are just less well-equipped to do so.

Exciting new approaches to autism therapy.

Reframe your thinking around autism.

In the book, we draw upon scientific evidence that explains the reasons why there are so many physical symptoms in autism and show new techniques that can enable greater and greater levels of functioning in those on the spectrum, of all ages. This book, along with Holly's work in the US and Australia were seminal in the development of A.R.T. (Autism Reframe Technique™) which heralds a more progressive approach to managing often debilitating body sensations, building emotional resilience and learning what a calm state "feels like".

About Reframing Autism

A Lightbulb Moment

"The book is a little like a pillar and it says 'how to be connected', naturally. For me, it was a lightbulb moment and a turning point. I'm now far more in touch with how I'm feeling" ~ Piers Randell

Profoundly Life-Changing

"When I read the book it blew my mind, and when I got to meet her and have a few sessions I found it to be 'profoundly life-changing'. It's very subtle, yet it ends up changing.. everything" ~ Danny Raede, CEO

Speaking in whole sentences

"My non-verbal son started speaking after just one session. That aftrnoon we went to the Christmas parade and he was talking in whole sentences" ~ Aidan's Mother

Going to the moon

"Every thing you do, from going to the bathroom to going to the moon will be simpler after this. I sleep better, and professionally and socially I do better" ~ Bryson

Reframe your thinking around autism: How the polyvagal theory and brain plasticity help us make sense of autism, by . Book and E-book, 104 pages, 1st edition, 2015. ISBN:978-1-84905-672-4.

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Holly Bridges is an author, teacher and mentor.
She provides consultations and workshops via Skype
and face to face in Australia, the USA and UK.