Contact Us. Holly Bridges

Author of 'Reframe your thinking around autism', teacher & keynote speaker

Reframe your thinking around autism: How the polyvagal theory and brain plasticity help us make sense of autism, by Holly Bridges. Book and E-book, 104 pages, 1st edition, 2015. ISBN:978-1-84905-672-4.

A New Way Of Thinking

"Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism is a succinctly written book with engaging graphics that provides a new optimistic approach to conceptualize autism"

~ Stephen W. Porges, PhD

Practical Techniques

"The book eases you into the concept of the polyvagal theory in a very clear and loving way. You can jump between sections without missing out on the essentials"

~ (via Amazon)

A Guiding Light

"Your book is a simple read for parents and carers, teachers, etc., all of whom who can benefit and be guided in new ways to help their children"

~ Candice, parent