Traditionally autism has been seen to be
entirely a problem with the brain.

Recent evidence suggests that it is something more primal,
that people with autism have an undeveloped nervous system
& that their flight or fight response goes off with little or no control.

Polyvagal theory & autism

People with autism have a weak vagal system. The vagus nerve controls the flight or fight mechanism. When you are in survival mode you cannot properly access your eyes, ears, face and voice.

Brain plasticity & autism

The brain is open to all sorts of influences and it can rewire. In people with autism there is the possibility of helping them to reconnect the brain-body connection and re-engage the brain.

Complementary therapy

By working with the body and the brain, new or improved therapies can help reintegrate the brain and nervous system. By 'reframing' autism and providing a working model, treatment may be more effective.

Exciting new approaches to autism therapy.

Reframe your thinking around autism.

In the book, we draw upon scientific evidence that explains the reasons why there are so many physical symptoms in autism and show how therapies can work to enable greater and greater levels of functioning in autists of all ages. This both opens up complementary approaches to therapy and also shows us how to get more out of the autism therapies we are already using.

Actual Cases real people

Just Amazing!

"When I look at my son now it is like the dirty window has been cleaned. This book opened my eyes, my awareness has grown and I can't wait to start putting what I've learned into practice" ~ Jenny, parent

A Joy To Read

"Suddenly the penny dropped, and I understood why my son could go from happiness to anger or anxiety in a matter of seconds, and how to help him through these moments better" ~ Ceri, parent

Happy as anything

"Tonight after my autistic son's bath, he stood in front of me and sang a song and did some of the actions :-) I could have passed out!" ~ Kieran's mum, parent

He's Coming Back Again

"Thank you. I feel like I am slowly getting back the son I had years ago. I understand why he got lost but it's great to see him coming back again" ~ Michael's mum, parent

Reframe your thinking around autism: How the polyvagal theory and brain plasticity help us make sense of autism, by . Book and E-book, 104 pages, 1st edition, 2015. ISBN:978-1-84905-672-4.

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