Consultancy & Workshops Holly Bridges

Author of 'Reframe your thinking around autism'.

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1:1 Consultations & Group Workshops

These are held in Perth, Western Australia. See 'booking enquiries' for what's included in a particular workshop. 1:1 sessions are tailored to individual needs.

Who can we help?

Parents and family of those with autism, and people with autism.

What is the Therapeutic Approach

Holly Bridges offers custom sessions based upon her renowned 5 element program.

  • Sync: Link body movements & social engagement (engage)
  • Calm: Reduce anger and anxiety (soften)
  • Re-code: Learn a new body baseline (resilience)
  • Integrate: Bring body and brain states together (focus)
  • Thrive: Create optimal conditions for personal growth (spontaneity)

How will you benefit?

Family will better understand and support autistic people:

  • 1. Ways to help them through rough patches.
  • 2. Develop better relationships and a better bond.
  • 3. Gain an insight into how things are for them and how they see the world.
  • 4. Gain confidence in how to help them cope: Less meltdowns, more cuddles, greater empathy and understanding.
  • 5. Discover creative ideas/ways to individually support them.

Typically families are in awe of the person that begins to emerge.

They say things like 'we have never seen this girl before', 'You've let a genie out of the bottle' and 'I feel like I've got my son back'.

My clients begin to be able to effortlessly make eye contact, be connected to themselves and others.

Often their vocabulary improves, they can begin to talk, or talk more, and most of all, everyone reports that they are more resilient and more spontaneous.

He did so amazingly well

"Anytime I do exercises with my son I'm amazed at how quickly and readily he let's go of what he is focused on and gives his attention to me and then to himself. I'm so happy for him!"

~ Kieran's mum, parent

Simple To Understand

"A great little book that introduces readers to three new ideas relating to Autism. Holly Bridges has taken the ideas of Brain Plasticity, the Anat Baniel Method and Porge's Polyvagal Theory"

~ (via Amazon)

Day Care Without Drama

"Today my son had his first day at his new day care. On the way there I explained all about it and how he would be happy and safe and have fun etc., and he listened carefully. When we got there he was happy!"

~ Kieran's mum, parent