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Jane Wetherall

"I read this book over one day! The framework through which the author describes autism is very relevant to our day to day living. It was a fascinating read and the relatively complex information was easy to access. It gave me tools that I could start applying immediately"

Amazon Book Reviewer

"Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism is a great little book that introduces readers to three new ideas relating to Autism. Holly Bridges has taken the ideas of Brain Plasticity, Anat Baniel Method and Porge's Polyvagal Theory and shared the major key concepts of each in a way that is simple to understand. Furthermore, she has found a connection between these cutting-edge ideas and woven them together to form a premise that holds a lot of potential for those dealing with or seeking to understand autism"

Vanessa Mitchell, B.App Sc.(Health Promotion)

"Holly brings Dr Stephen Porges's Polyvagal Theory to us. There's room for everyone on the "autistic spectrum" - most people (all?) exhibit "autistic" behaviours under stress. As I read this I imagined being locked into a hay fever attack. The physical discomfort overwhelms higher functions, there's a need to close down, reduce stimuli. (Thank heavens it's only seasonal for me.). The ABM that Holly introduces us to brings to mind yoga...tai chi...chi gung. Moving meditation, ancient practices, mind and body focusing. Also biodynamic osteopathy. It's always exciting when I can link ideas in a new way. Thanks Holly"

Stephen W. Porges, PhD. Professor of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina

"Unlike most books on autism that are targeted to professionals who evaluate and treat, this unique and readable book effectively connects to the families and the people who directly interact with individuals with autism."

Candice Foss, USA

"Just wanted to say thank you for your book! I've followed Dr. Porges' work for years and ​it's been a guiding light in thinking about my son's challenges (and my own!) and how to encourage his potential. We also worked with Anat and her team for a while, and implemented an RMT program as well. Your book is very insightful and a helpful and clear distillation of their theory and ​practices"

Dana Topchian, Autism Employment Consultant

"Reading this book is like having an entrée, then your main, then dessert. It eases you into the concept of the polyvagal theory in a very clear, friendly and loving way, with a hint of what is to come. The middle section (main) covers the more in-depth knowledge with practical techniques, without the usual psychological jargon or scientific developmental lingo. The last section (dessert) covers where to go from here and gathers information from world recognized therapists. The layout is clear and you can jump from section to section without missing out on the essentials. I highly recommend this book for both Autists and their parents"

Piers, Autist & Consultancy Client

"The language was easy to understand, no jargon. I could identify with the problems and perceptions and this was expressed simply and clearly. I felt relieved because all was expressed in a way that wasn't technical or traditional. The book clearly explained by examples the different situations that people on the spectrum face, and how to deal with them. It provided me with clarity and a concise expression of the way I feel and the difficulties we face in daily life. It has allowed me to deal with some situations smoothly. It's given me new strategies to try when old strategies don't work or when old strategies become stuck"

Michael, Consultancy client & autist

"This work changes everything for the better. Holly’s care and methods save you from the snake pit of the medical system. I am feeling calmer, I am happier and I like myself more. Things are coming together. I am more spontaneous, there is less anxiety and I think I have a more positive outlook on life. There are still challenges to face but thanks to Holly I can feel more resilient in daily life. Holly is always compassionate and knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is autistic or who has a relative who is autistic. It’s a shame more people aren’t doing this kind of work. I wish I had had my diagnosis and Holly’s help a lot earlier in my life; it would have saved me a lot of pain and misery."

A New Optimistic Approach

"A unique and readable book effectively connects to the families and the people who directly interact with individuals with autism"

~ Stephen W. Porges, PhD

New Insights Into Autism

"I have seen the results of responding to my boy's needs differently, and now I feel that I 'get' him in a whole new way"

~ Ceri, parent

The Vital Role Of The Body

"Once you read this, you will change the way you think and be with Autists. Bridges provides a much needed central message of reconnecting the brain and body"

~ Dana, employment consultant